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As revolutionary technologies evolve, the way people live and produce has changed dramatically. As the 'brain' of machines and appliances, intelligent controllers have penetrated into manufacturing industry, service industry, trade and public service along with the trend. Driven by market demand and industrial policies, intelligent controller business has been progressing drastically in China. With numerous variety of intelligent controllers leading the upgrade of end products, China's intelligent controller industry has converted from world's biggest manufacturing centre into world's biggest solution house, which combines manufacturing and designing function.


H&T postion ourselves at 'high-end technology, high-end market and high-end customers'. With more than 900 engineers, we own more than 2000 patents globally. Our products occupy the global high-end market, manufacturing more than 300 million pieces of intelligent controller annually. We service our customers with the 19 service centers around the globe, and we are the core partners of world class businesses, such as Electrolux, Whirlpool, Siemens, B/S/H/, Panasonic and TTI.


As the era of IoT arrives, household big data has become a key driver for the development of IoT industry. Utilizing our 20 year industry experience in intelligentization of home appliances, together with our technology in self-learning control, household data operation and AI computing, H&T has extended our business to big data platform. Our platform use data as the medium to link all people and appliances, to build closed loop services that supports the operation of entities in the society.


We build multi-hierachy closed loop service based on household information, to provide a new paradigm for living. We provide data scheming, data definition and data analytics service combined with AI, for scenarios including indoors safety, bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc.. Multiple data circles are constructed using vital data, appliances data and environmental data. At the same time, by digging through the data, we build services for manufacturing industry, service industry, trade and public service, to provide support for their transformation in the new era.


H&T develop ourselves based on standardization, professionalism and international operation. We benchmark our technology roadmap, R&D system, industrial design, quality standard, fabrication standard and information management on international standards. We are famed for our product design and high standard service system. We have received numerous approval and rewards from govenment, institutes and our valuable customers, including but not limited to, Electrolux, Whirlpool, B/S/H, Hunter.


Over our journey of the past 20 plus years, H&T has sticked to our corporate spirit of 'Acute, agile, consentient and conscientious', following the technical strategy of 'follow the pioneering technology, own the core technology, materialize practical technology'. Now, H&T is starting its new era, broadening its potential, pursuing unceasingly to the eternal objective, of becoming a company respected by all.


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